Artist Statement

          I produce media to challenge people’s perspective on the world they live in.

          Through my years as a producer, I have learned to question everything in life, and it is my mission to encourage others to do the same.  An example of this is a documentary I produced titled, “Net Neutrality” which expresses the danger of losing Internet freedom. I also strive to break stereotypes and promote equality in my work. Working alongside Siena Heights University, I created a documentary called, "Living in Silence" which illustrates the life of the Kendall sisters, who were born deaf. They do not see their deafness as a hindrance, and continue to progress as wonderful individuals. 

            Along with documentaries, I also create staged narratives that target problems in our society. I produced a short video titled, “Cell Phone Zombification,” which draws parallels between zombies and the smartphones that plague our society. The narrative cuts between a sharp dressed college student and a lifeless zombie, demonstrating how we dependent we have become on technology.

            I find motivation in ignorance. The things that I don't yet know are what I desire to learn the most, and the things that I do know well are what I am most passionate about teaching.