My name is Matthew Leppek. I am an independent. 

I am a recent graduate from Siena Heights University, majoring in Digital Media. Within this field, I am focusing on video and photo production. Seizing the opportunity to be a campus leader, I became a Resident's Assistant. But I am not just a video producer or leader.

I'm a cinematographer, director, editor, script writer, and artist. I am a Resident's Assistant, a leader, a mentor, an intern, a teacher, and a student. I'm a creative, an engineer, a fabricator, and an arborist. None of these define who I am on their own. I make art, but I am not just an artist. I make videos, but I'm not just a cinematographer. I'm an independent, and all of these traits make me who I am.

Here I relate my experience as an arborist with society, culture, religion, and humanity.